Referral Program Terms and Conditions
This referral program has been created to reward you for doing what you would already do - recommending us to friends and family. It was also created to reward your friends and family for listening to your great advice in referring us, by offering them a reward as well.
Qualified Referral: A Qualified Referral occurs when:
i. The Referrer shares a Referral Program Link through email, Facebook, or Twitter with a person, the Referred;
ii. The Referred then makes a purchase when they arrive at our website by clicking the Referral Program link shared by the Referrer; and
iii. When the Referred customer account has been accepted by us, the Referrer will receive a referral reward.
Eligibility: To be eligible for participation in the Program, the Referrer must be registered with us. Both the Referrer and the Referred must be at least 18 years of age and legal US residents. We reserve the right to find ineligible any Participant in the Program at our sole discretion.
Validity: This referral program is valid till Dec 31, 2017. It may be extended at any time at our sole discretion. This referral program is valid only on personal (non-corporate) accounts. Reward code is valid for one-time use and cannot be combined with other offers.
Reward Conditions. Rewards may be taxable, depending on the value of the item and the federal, state, and local tax laws applicable to the Participant. Participants are solely responsible for reporting such items on their tax returns and paying any associated tax liability.
Conduct. Participants in the Program must comply with all up-to-date 'SPAM' laws. Any distribution of your referral link that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or 'spam' under any applicable law or regulation is expressly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination of your account and exclusion from our Referral Program.